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Safe Guarding

At Sovereign Taekwondo, the safety and well-being of our members, particularly children and vulnerable individuals, are paramount. We are committed to maintaining a safe and supportive environment where everyone can learn and practice Taekwondo with confidence and peace of mind. To achieve this, we adhere to rigorous safeguarding policies and procedures. Our instructors undergo thorough training in safeguarding principles, including recognising signs of abuse, appropriate conduct, and reporting procedures. Additionally, we conduct regular risk assessments and implement measures to mitigate any potential risks. We believe in open communication and encourage anyone with concerns to come forward, knowing that their confidentiality will be respected. By prioritising safeguarding, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive community where everyone can thrive and excel in their Taekwondo journey.

Below, you'll find our safeguarding procedure along with contact details for our Club Welfare Officer (CWO). We've fully integrated all approved Taekwondo Council UK (TCUK) policies into our procedures, which can be accessed through the link/button provided. Additionally, if you prefer, you can directly contact the Safeguarding Team at the Taekwondo Council UK using the same link.

Safeguarding Procedure 

At Sovereign Taekwondo, reporting a safeguarding concern follows this structured procedure:

  1. Identify the Concern: If you notice or become aware of any behavior or situation raising a safeguarding concern, meticulously document the incident's details.

  2. Contact the Club Welfare Officer  (CWO): Reach out to our Designated Safeguarding Lead responsible for handling such concerns within our organisation. The CWO's contact details are provided below.

  3. Report the Concern: When contacting the CWO, furnish all pertinent information about the safeguarding issue, including details about involved individuals, the incident's nature, and any witnesses present.

  4. Confidentiality: We prioritise confidentiality, ensuring all shared information remains strictly confidential. Only individuals directly involved in managing the concern will have access to the provided details.

  5. Investigation: Upon receipt of the report, the DSL will conduct a thorough investigation, which may involve gathering additional information, speaking with relevant parties, and assessing the situation's severity to determine the necessary action.

  6. Action: Based on investigation findings, appropriate measures will be taken to address the safeguarding concern, such as reporting to relevant authorities, implementing safeguarding protocols, providing necessary support, or taking disciplinary action if warranted.

  7. Follow-Up: Throughout the process, the DSL will keep all involved parties informed about the investigation's progress and outcomes, offering ongoing support and guidance as required.

  8. Review: After resolving the concern, a review will be conducted to assess the effectiveness of the actions taken and identify any areas for improvement in our safeguarding procedures.

Additionally, we adhere to Taekwondo Council UK policies and will escalate matters to them if deemed necessary. This structured approach ensures that all safeguarding concerns are promptly and effectively addressed with sensitivity, professionalism, and a firm commitment to the safety and well-being of our members.

Club Welfare Office (CWO)
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